Enhancing photo's in movies - what software are they using?

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Enhancing photo's in movies - what software are they using? Added by Lindybeige Published on Apr 28, 2016

In the movies, a pixilated blur becomes a sharp clear photograph in just a few key strokes. How do they do this?
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If the police really could enhance photographs as they do in the movies, they'd show us much clearer images of wanted criminals caught by CCTV cameras. They cannot, though. Films and television series, however, show us a different sci-fi modern world in which all you need is a computer that goes beep, and you can instantly see a sharp recognisable image. We may get there one day, but we are not there yet.

LOADs of people have commented on the apostrophe in the title, not having thought about what apostrophes are for. Apostrophes have more than one use. One is to stand in for something that has been skipped in an abbreviation, such as when I WILL is shortened to I'LL, or PHOTOGRAPH is shortened to PHOTO'. True, many people have stopped bothering with this much of the time, but I like to be precise with my language.

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