(Headphones Recommended) Stronger Than You Duet/Mashup (Sans&Chara) | UNDERTALE Parody

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(Headphones Recommended) Stronger Than You Duet/Mashup (Sans&Chara) | UNDERTALE Parody Added by Terravin Published on Jan 23, 2016

FINAL EDIT: Thank you guys soooooo much for this! I really don't deserve any of these views! Just please, go watch the original videos instead of mine, since the original creators put more hard work into their videos than me. (Also MP3's are below for download.)

This video took me a while, but I think it came out pretty damn nice! I might even come back to doing things like this again someday!

MP3 (Both Ear Version): goo.gl/6qaSTW
MP3 (One Ear Version): goo.gl/lvpP0q

Animation - alfa995 - www.youtube.com/user/alfa995 - youtu.be/4TzVOLOROkM
Sans - Djsmell - www.youtube.com/user/djsmell1 - youtu.be/GPBBo1neb2U
Chara - Milkychan - www.youtube.com/user/xXMilkychanXx - youtu.be/co5Zo6Ng9-c

All I did for this video was combine two versions of the UNDERTALE parody of "Stronger Than You", and add lyrics to the main video. I take no ownership for the animation, voices, or music used in this video. Everything else belongs to the original creators, who deserve the views more than me.
As a side note, the original Stronger Than You song is owned by Cartoon Network. This is a Parody, and no harm was mean't to be done.