Is the Microsoft HoloLens the Future?

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Is the Microsoft HoloLens the Future? Added by Austin Evans Published on Apr 17, 2016

HoloLens might be the best piece of tech you haven't heard of.
The coolest virtual reality headsets:
Big shoutout to Adam and Glenn from Master of Shapes!

Microsoft has built a full Windows 10 computer with a holographic display that fits on your face. Hello future. With HoloLens you're seeing a very different approach than a virtual reality headset, it's closer to Google Glass with a fully transparent display but it allows you to place things like browser windows in real space. With some serious tracking that probably shares a bit of tech from Kinect HoloLens is able to map your entire room and let you interact with holograms inside it without needing to be tethered to a gaming PC or needing sensors setup to guide it.

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