Ligature Resistant TV Enclosure By ProEnc - Ultimate Hospital TV Protection

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Ligature Resistant TV Enclosure By ProEnc - Ultimate Hospital TV Protection Added by LCDenclosures Published on Apr 15, 2016

Our ligature resistant TV enclosures are used in psychiatric and correctional facilities.

The reason we developed this specialized ligature resistant TV Enclosure.

Many mental health facilities are deploying flat screen televisions, since the demise of the CRT TV. As soon as the components became obsolete, these facilities need to replace the TV sets; this is when the protective housings for flat screens came into demand.

Our protective steel boxes prevent looping of material around the housing or the rear TV mounting bracket, as our unit is a complete all in one solution, NOT a cover.

Each protective housing is made of steel and fully welded for maximum strength – you want the enclosure to be able to with stand an attack from a patient don’t you?

These units are only housings fitted with security locks as standard, these can be keyed alike or different – you want the protective housing to be secure don’t you?

The viewing window is made of Polycarbonate that is 3/8” thick, the thickest in the industry – you don’t want a patient smashing a thin viewing window and using it as a weapon, do you?
Having designed our patent pending design, our ligature resistant TV enclosure is being installed in hospitals across the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.

Our full product range can be seen at with our TV cases for mental health use at

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These housing prevent patients strangling themselves in extreme cases of self-harm, more details can be seen on Wikipedia

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Ligature Resistant TV enclosure.

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